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How to Use Memory Books to Promote Remembering

Thousands of cherished memories are accumulated throughout one’s life. When memories start to fade as a result of age or a condition like dementia, the effects can be devastating. That’s why it’s important for caregivers to partake in memory-promoting activities with those suffering from dementia. One such activity is looking through a memory book. This kind of book can help patients remember important experiences. Memory books also encourage conversations about these experiences, which is beneficial in terms of creating a...

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Forming Strong Bonds – Why Creating a Positive Relationship Between Seniors and Their Caregivers Is...

Providing care to an elderly client is a highly personal role. Although family members often try to perform this work as much as they can, there are times when a trained caregiver is both necessary and helpful. Experts understand the importance of having a strong bond between a client and their caregiver – a positive relationship can benefit both parties in many ways. Let’s take a look: How the Senior-Caregiver Partnership is Vital to a Person’s Health When a senior needs...

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Connecticut In-Home Assistance in Stratford

Connecticut In-Home Assistance has moved their Trumbull office to Stratford. All phone numbers have remained the same. With additional offices in Hamden, Waterbury, and Hartford, Connecticut In-Home Assistance continues to serve the counties of Fairfield, New Haven, Hartford, and the Waterbury area.  Our New Address in Stratford is: 99 Hawley Lane, Suite 1002 Stratford, CT 06614 Toll Free: 855-412-2273 Local Phone: 203-452-9629 Email: This move represents our commitment to providing the best quality in-home care for seniors in Connecticut. We recognize that there are a growing number of people looking for...

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10 Signs Your Loved One Might Need CT In-Home Assistance

Families often have a difficult time determining when a loved one needs to increase the amount of care they receive at home. While a person might seem to be getting through the day on their own, this is not always the case. Many people are tempted to maintain their current lifestyle to preserve independence and privacy. However, when you are not with your loved one on a daily basis, it can be easy to miss potentially unsafe situations. These common signs...

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Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Winter in Connecticut can create hazards that seniors do not have to face at other times of the year. Cold weather, snow, and ice put people at a higher risk for injuries. Follow these winter safety tips to ensure that you stay comfortable and healthy all season long. Avoid slipping on ice Ice and snow on roads and sidewalks is easy to slip on. Oftentimes, falls cause major injures such as hip and wrist fractures, head trauma, and major lacerations. If you can, stay inside...

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How to Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season

The holidays present many wonderful opportunities for outings and visits with family and friends. This time of year can also place undue obligations on seniors with limited income or health concerns. These tips can help you enjoy the season without adding extra worries. Eat and drink in moderation. If you have dietary restrictions, try to stick with them and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Remember alcohol can interfere with many medications. Keep an eye on expenses. The holidays can...

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