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10 Signs Your Loved One Might Need CT In-Home Assistance

10 Signs Your Loved One Might Need CT In-Home Assistance

Families often have a difficult time determining when a loved one needs to increase the amount of care they receive at home. While a person might seem to be getting through the day on their own, this is not always the case. Many people are tempted to maintain their current lifestyle to preserve independence and privacy. However, when you are not with your loved one on a daily basis, it can be easy to miss potentially unsafe situations. These common signs help families determine which circumstances may call for an evaluation of a loved one’s daily routines. In these 10 instances, CT home care could improve safety and help people retain their independence.  

10 Signs that home care might be needed

  1. 1. Recovering from a hospital stay  
  2. 2. Bills are not paid or paperwork is piling up 
  3. 3. Weight loss, lessened appetite, unwilling to prepare a meal or spoiled food in the refrigerator 
  4. 4. Problems with walking, balance, trouble getting in or out of bed or a chair or going up and down stairs 
  5. 5. A history of falls 
  6. 6. Not remembering to take medication or getting prescriptions filled 
  7. 7. The home is cluttered or uncleaned 
  8. 8. Confusion, memory loss or changes in personality
  9. 9. Recent car accidents or problems driving
  10. 10. Changes in personal hygiene and grooming like infrequent showering, shaving, or clothes are dirty 


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