What to Know for Elders With Pneumonia

Surely you have heard about pneumonia. It can be a scary diagnosis, but the good news is that if it is discovered early and treated promptly, a full recovery is very likely. Which means it is especially important for you to be able to spot the signs and symptoms of pneumonia so you can get yourself or your loved one […]

Family Recipe Brings Back Elderly’s Appetite

The holidays are over, another year has passed and we are left with additional memories of family and friends.  I am reflecting on the joy I brought my parents this past holiday season and wanted to share the experience with you. My 93 year old mother had surgery last year and since then her health has been declining.  Mom tells […]

How to Prepare Seniors for Storm Evacuation in CT

When hurricane season strikes, it’s important that all members of your family, especially the elders, are prepared to be safe and secure in the event of an evacuation. Connecticut In Home Assistance is proud to have been chosen by the town of Stratford and other surrounding towns to provide assistance in the event of an emergency, and we’ve compiled some […]

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