Dementia – Causes, Treatment, & Preventive Care

Dementia has been known in the medical industry for over a hundred years, but doctors and physicians are still learning more and more about it year after year. Today, we’re more informed than ever on how to treat patients with Dementia and we’re even learning more about how we can slow down and reduce the chances of getting Dementia. There’s […]

How to Write Memory Books for Dementia Patients

Memory books can be wonderful gifts for Alzheimer’s patients and dementia sufferers alike. They can help individuals recall memories they haven’t remembered in years, sometimes decades. Reconnecting those wires and jogging those memories can be challenging to do, but picture books make it easier to connect those dots.  Going through a memory book is a wonderful activity for dementia patients. […]

How to Recognize Early Signs of Dementia

Trouble with routine daily tasks, getting lost while traveling a familiar route, and misplacing objects in strange places may not seem serious but, taken together, they could be early signs of dementia. Early recognition of declining mental abilities can provide you an opportunity to help your loved one get the in-home assistance or other medical care he or she needs […]

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