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Enjoy Simple Outings with Seniors

As a loved one gets older, families often struggle to find activities that are suitably engaging for everyone. However, elderly activities do not need to be particularly complicated, time-consuming, or expensive. Time with family, opportunities for joyful conversation, and enjoying simple sights can be an important part of dementia care. Follow these tips to ensure that your next outing is successful. How to Choose Activities When you are deciding which things to do with senior citizens, it is helpful to consider a person’s abilities...

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Make Caregiver Meal Prep Easier with a Book of Favorite Recipes

There are as many different food preferences as there are people in the world – everyone has a favorite meal. As people get older, it can become more difficult to recall the details of even the simplest recipes. By creating a recipe book in advance, you can make caregiver meal prep that much easier and more enjoyable. How to Make a Recipe Book When creating a book of recipes for senior citizens, simplicity and accuracy are the goals. Anyone should be...

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Keeping People with Alzheimer’s Safe During an Outing

Although conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease can make outings more difficult, there’s no reason that families cannot continue to enjoy them. With proper planning, people living with Alzheimer’s can have a wonderful time outside of the home with family and friends. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to keep people with Alzheimer’s safe during an outing. Select a Reasonable Time Everyone has specific times of the day during which they feel better and will enjoy getting out a...

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How Connecticut In-Home Assistance Can Help with Spring Cleaning

As the weather improves, many people start thinking about doing some spring cleaning to make the whole house smell, look, and feel better. People who are older often want the same things but may struggle to clean and declutter as well as they once did. With in-home care for seniors from Connecticut In-Home Assistance, you or your loved one can enjoy a cleaner, safer home. Why Spring Cleaning Is Important for Seniors Spring cleaning is a good way to start the...

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How to Use Memory Books to Promote Remembering

Thousands of cherished memories are accumulated throughout one’s life. When memories start to fade as a result of age or a condition like dementia, the effects can be devastating. That’s why it’s important for caregivers to partake in memory-promoting activities with those suffering from dementia. One such activity is looking through a memory book. This kind of book can help patients remember important experiences. Memory books also encourage conversations about these experiences, which is beneficial in terms of creating a...

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Forming Strong Bonds – Why Creating a Positive Relationship Between Seniors and Their Caregivers Is...

Providing care to an elderly client is a highly personal role. Although family members often try to perform this work as much as they can, there are times when a trained caregiver is both necessary and helpful. Experts understand the importance of having a strong bond between a client and their caregiver – a positive relationship can benefit both parties in many ways. Let’s take a look: How the Senior-Caregiver Partnership is Vital to a Person’s Health When a senior needs...

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