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When it’s Time to Introduce In-Home Care: Taking it Slow Makes the Process Easier

When it’s Time to Introduce In-Home Care: Taking it Slow Makes the Process Easier

When a loved one is struggling to remain independent, it may be time to address in-home care. The earlier you start talking about the benefits of a caregiver, the easier it can be to make the transition to home care in Connecticut. Many adults are defensive about needing care in the home for a variety of reasons. Feelings of loss of independence, or the thought that you are not interested in helping, can make some individuals resistant to in-home care. If you feel that a loved one will benefit from senior care in the home, it’s time to bring up the subject.

Be Honest in Your Conversations

You don’t have to be blunt in order to be honest. When the opportunity arises, casually mention the ability to get a little extra help in the home. This can be hard to bring up, but it is necessary to keep your relationship strong. Talk about your concerns as gently as you can, while discussing the benefits of a helperin the home. If you are still working full time yourself, it’s time to get honest with your loved one about your capacity to help out.

Don’t Force the Discussion

If your loved one quickly changes the subject, move on to something else. You can always bring up the idea of in-home care another time. While you may be feeling pressure to get help into the home, a forced discussion may cause strain in your relationship. How you frame the idea of help in the home can make a big difference. If the need for care is imminent, you may have to be a bit more persuasive about bringing up the topic. Remind your loved one that their independence is your number one goal.

Schedule Outings With Your Loved One

Many people rely on their children or younger siblings to provide care as they get older. This is invaluable time spent together, and a reason that many are hesitant to hire a stranger. Remind your loved one that you will continue to spend quality time together, but that doing laundry or grocery shopping doesn’t feel like quality time. Schedule outings with your loved one that they enjoy. You want your loved one to see that you will spend time with them, but in a way that isn’t a mundane caretakingrole.
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