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Short-term Care: Not Just for the Elderly

When you think about at home care, there’s a good chance you picture caregivers and companions assisting the elderly with everyday tasks. However, short-term care can actually be used by patients of all ages to help them when they are unable to do the things they usually can. From doing laundry to performing basic cleaning tasks to preparing meals and providing transportation, our caregivers and companions can provide short-term care in a variety of situations, including: Rehabilitation Short-term Care If...

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What Is Palliative Care

You are probably familiar with cardiology and pediatrics, but palliative care is a medical specialty that is discussed much less frequently, yet it is just as important. In short, palliative care is a type of comprehensive medical treatment for people dealing with serious illnesses and diseases. A dedicated team of trained and certified individuals work together to help the patient deal with the physical and emotional symptoms of their condition. The goal of palliative care is to improve a patient’s...

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5 Ways to Alleviate Stress While Being a Caregiver

Did you know that 29% of adults in the United States are caregivers for an elderly relative? And two-thirds of them are females who are also caring for their own children at home? It’s true, which means there is a good chance that this situation sounds all too familiar. While you absolutely love your family and would do anything for them, that doesn’t mean you are immune to the stressors that accompany caring for another human being. To make sure...

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Resources for Seniors in Connecticut

The Greater Bridgeport Elderly Service Council meets every month on the first Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. until 10 a.m. at Middlebrook Farms Assisted Living, 2750 Reservoir Avenue in Trumbull, CT. Those who attend are professionals who work in businesses related to the elderly, however, any one in the community can attend. Every month there is a guest speaker presenting helpful information. Some of the topics Marie Allen, Executive Director of the South Western Area Agency on Aging (SWCAA) spoke on were...

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What To Know About Hospital Stays & Observation Status

You are feeling ill and you aren’t quite sure how serious it is. You might have pneumonia, you might have the flu, or perhaps it’s something even worse. When you arrive at the ER, the doctors perform a variety of tests, have you fill out admission paperwork and put you into a room. At this point, you probably assume you are officially an inpatient, and you will receive Medicare benefits accordingly—including coverage of the doctor-recommended stay at a nursing home...

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Best Elderly Care Advocate

When you need help with financial assistance or community resources, a Social Worker or Social Service Representative can be your best advocate. Human Services or Social Service Departments are provided by your local towns.  Each town may run a little differently but in general, the Social Service’s staff can help individuals apply for financial entitlement programs such as the Elderly/Disabled Renter’s Rebate Program, Elderly/Disabled Property Tax Relief Program, Energy Assistance, Medicaid programs and Medicare Counseling.  They can also assist with...

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