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In Home Care Blog

Does Insurance Pay for Homecare?

Someone turning 65 today has about a 70 percent chance of needing some type of long-term care in the future. About 65 percent of people receive care at home; they use this care for an average of two years. While Medicare pays for homecare for some people, others hope their insurance policies will cover the cost of in-home care so that they can recover from a serious illness or injury at home instead of in a nursing facility. What is...

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How to Prepare Seniors for Storm Evacuation in CT

When hurricane season strikes, it’s important that all members of your family, especially the elders, are prepared to be safe and secure in the event of an evacuation. Connecticut In Home Assistance is proud to have been chosen by the town of Stratford and other surrounding towns to provide assistance in the event of an emergency, and we’ve compiled some of our best practices for you to stay informed and safe. For more information on our storm procedures, please feel...

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CT Financial Aid for Elderly Care

Jamie Weiland, owner of CT In-Home Assistance, was in the studio with Jocelyn discussing the many services his company provides and to generate awareness of the various financial aid options available to the elderly for living assistance.

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Connecticut In Home Assistance

Connecticut In Home Assistance – Jamie Wieland, Owner and CEO of Connecticut In Home Assistance, was in the studio to highlight the needs of Senior Citizens during times of crisis like Hurricane Sandy.

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How to Help Your Loved One Accept an In-Home Caregiver

For many mature adults, hiring a caregiver symbolizes the beginning of their loss of independence. That thought can be scary, and your parents may need some encouragement to accept a caregiver into their home. While they aren’t yet ready to give up their independence and move into a retirement home, they may need assistance with household chores, errands or even companionship. With respect, honor and tenderness, use seven tips to introduce and warm your parents up to the idea of...

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Staying Hydrated during a Connecticut Heatwave

As the summer months progress, the heat can become stifling. For instance, this summer (2013) the heat wave that has hit Connecticut and the surrounding areas has been unlike anything from recent memories. Luckily, more people than ever have air conditioning, making it a bit easier to deal with these high temperatures. However, even those who are staying cool may find that it is easier to become dehydrated in the hot weather. The elderly have the worst of it—it is...

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