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Protocol for COVID-19

Dear Valued Customer/Caregiver,

Due to the Corona Virus and the impact on our community I want to assure you that at CT in Home Assistance we are proactively taking all precautions possible to help caregivers and the families they care for stay healthy. We realize that clients and Caregivers are in the highest risk category for this virus.  We also understand that services are needed.  We have notified all caregivers of the risks associate with the virus.  We have been giving gloves, instructions and sanitizer to caregivers and always asked them to wear face protection.  We have instructed them to keep a distance of at least six feet from clients when possible if not providing personal care and put the below procedures in place.

To that end, we are strictly enforcing our policy immediately that households/caregivers with contagious viruses or that are experiencing serious symptoms such as fever or vomiting are not eligible for care/work.  We will not service families with a known household member, an individual staying in the home, or an individual present in the household on a regular basis (e.g. nannies, caregivers, home health workers, contractors, family member etc.) who has been in close contact with someone quarantined or diagnosed with the coronavirus.  We are asking you as a client/caregiver to read and answer the following questions:

  • Is anyone you have contact with an ill or sick individual with a contagious condition? If so, can you tell me their symptoms?
  • Is anyone else in household ill or have they been in the past 14 days?
  • Has anyone in the home been required to be quarantined due to possible exposure to the coronavirus?
  • Has anyone in the home decided to quarantine themselves due to possible exposure to the coronavirus?

If the answers to any of these questions is yes, we ask you contact us immediately and let us know that care cannot be provided at this time.   Please see chart on reverse side for caregiver or client eligibility:

Thank you and please wash your hands


Jamieson F Wieland

The below care restrictions are effective immediately:

Level of Exposure
Description Eligibility Status Clearance Criteria
Confirmed Case Diagnosed with COVID-19 Ineligible Proof of medical clearance
First-Degree Contact w/ Confirmed Case High-Risk Exposure to a Confirmed Case within past 14 days:

  • Proximity: Within 6 feet for even a brief period, or
  • Extended Duration: In the same room or floor of building for a period that would have provided access to common space and items with a reasonable opportunity to transmit the virus
Ineligible 14 symptom-free days since contact
High-Risk Travel Traveled to CDC designated Level 2 or 3 Area within past 14 days Ineligible 14 symptom-free days since contact
  • Directed by health authorities, employer, or school to self-quarantine, or
  • Lives/works in household with a Quarantined person
Ineligible 14 symptom-free days since contact
High-Risk Second-Degree Exposure High-Risk Exposure (Close Proximity or Extended Duration) to person with First Degree Contact, High Risk Travel, or in Quarantine Ineligible 14 symptom-free days since contact
Low-Risk Second-Degree Exposure
  1. Was near person with First Degree Contact, High-Risk Travel, or in Quarantine – but not High-Risk Exposure (Close Proximity or Extended Duration) within the last 14 days
  2. Currently symptom-free
Ineligible 14 symptom-free days since contact
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