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Homemaker/CompanionHourly Rates
2-3 Hours$35 per hour
4+ Hours$30 per hour


Family owned and operated, our agency has provided home care professionals to seniors and others for over 50 years. Our experience is complemented by a high level of care—caregivers are trained to address elder’s physical and emotional needs, and serious medical conditions such as dementia. Every caregiver receives a background check, drug test, and medical exams, so clients don’t have to worry about safety. Each is field supervised as well.

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Areas We Serve


Our homemaking caregiver professionals help ensure you can safeguard and maintain your independent living. We can provide help for short-term, temporary situations or long-term care homemaking assistance in Stratford, CT, due to mobility or disabling issues.

  • Light Housekeeping – If you no longer can do certain household chores or want companionship and help completing vacuuming, dusting, picking up, and other such tasks our homemaker professionals are willing to lend a hand.
  • Laundry – Get help sorting clothes, washing, drying, and folding, as well as putting them away.
  • Change Bed Linens – Changing the bed can be a challenge and we can provide the assistance you need to always have fresh bed linens.
  • Make the Bed – Making the bed is much easier when you have an extra set of hands.
  • Clean and Organize Closets – Closets can get cluttered and reaching things on top shelves is difficult to do by yourself.
  • Grocery Shopping – Whether you want someone to take you to the grocery store, like the companionship, or can no longer go yourself, we will make sure you get the food you need.
  • Meal Preparation and Clean Up – Cooking can be rewarding but more difficult to do certain tasks, like open cans and jars. Our homemakers can provide support to help you cook your meals and clean up afterwards.
  • Assistance with Packing and/or Moving – If you are getting ready to move into a smaller home or are getting rid of things you no longer want, your homemaker companion is happy to assist you with these tasks.
  • Shopping/Transportation Services – We can help you run errands, take you to the doctor, and provide other such transportation, as needed.


Connecticut In-Home Assistance is a name you can trust for professional elderly in-home care. Aside from tending to cleaning and daily chores, and addressing your loved one’s personal and medical needs, companion care is a bonus for elderly individuals or those with cognitive impairments who need some extra supervision at home. Our aides can provide home care assistance in the form of help with:

Basic Household Tasks

Clients receive help with organizing the mail, arranging medical and other appointments, caring for plants, and feeding/walking pets.

Medical Monitoring

Includes reminders to take medication, monitoring a loved one’s diet and eating habits, and addressing any safety concerns around the house.


Companions can transport or escort a senior to doctor’s appointments or religious services, or for grocery shopping, visiting family, or going out socially.

Emotional and Mental Support

In-home assistance for elderly clients isn’t only about physical help; home care aides engage in conversation, play games, and walk outdoors with their clients to boost their spirits.

Each caregiver we employ can prepare meals and snacks, go grocery shopping, and clean beds, rooms, and closets. From vacuuming and dusting to providing help with dressing, bathing, and toileting, they are experienced and trained in all aspects of live-in assistance.


Seniors need companionship as much as anyone else. They need company while their family members are living their own lives and as they lose touch with friends. Companion care offers many psychological benefits. Like many home care agencies in CT, we’re aware of the emotional difficulties elders can face. Whether your loved one most needs long-term care or companion services for elderly at home, Connecticut In-Home Assistance can help.

Companions provide:

Help with Daily Tasks

Seniors can trust our aides to cook, clean, and feed them. Despite their difficulties and frustrations, clients can depend on someone who is always there and not worry about burdening family members and friends.

A Sense of Security

As we age, it can become scary to be home alone, but companions are trained to make clients feel more secure. Elderly companions know how to handle different situations, from strangers at the door to emergencies like power outages or stove fires.

Someone to Talk To

A companion can offer a direct line of communication, or simply listen to their client’s thoughts, opinions, and fears. Companions and homemakers can make a welcoming environment for self-expression. For seniors who have lost their sense of self, the interaction can bring back their confidence and self-esteem.


Connecticut In-Home Assistance LLC’s elderly in-home care homemaking services in Stratford, CT, are well-suited for seniors who can largely take care of themselves, but may require some additional help in maintaining chores around their homes.

Our elderly clients enjoy the companionship they receive from their homemaking caregiver professional, along with the extra help to maintain their homes. They develop long-lasting friendships with their caregiver. They enjoy spending time together while receiving the care, support, and assistance they require to maintain their independent lifestyles.

To learn more about our in-home assistance for the elderly, including our homemaking services in Stratford, CT, please feel free to contact Connecticut In-Home Assistance LLC at 855-412-2273 to request a free onsite assessment today!

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