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Personal Care ServicesRates Starting At
8 Hour Shift$220 per Shift
12 Hour Shift$260 per Shift

Why is At-Home Caregiving Preferred?

Almost 50% of the population over the age of 65 needs assistance on a day-to-day basis. As a senior continues to age, they will begin to need additional support during the day or night, and oftentimes even around the clock. This issue is especially important for those who live alone or who do not have someone who can look after them for extended periods of time – especially during nights.

Caring for the elderly can be very difficult to accommodate the needed amount of care and attention due to matters such as work, distance, and taking care of children. Declines in physical or mental functions can further escalate the need for extra support when it comes to taking care for a loved one.

Knowing that someone is available to help a loved one, even for simple tasks such as getting snacks, drinking fluids, and getting to the bathroom, can go a long way – especially for seniors who may have trouble sleeping at night or who may wake up disoriented.

Generally there are 3 options when it comes to elderly care:

  • Move the loved one into assisted living/nursing home
  • Care for them yourselves
  • Hire an in-home caregiver

All of these options have their pros and can provide the elderly care that is needed.

Assisted Living/Nursing Homes vs. At-Home Caregiving

While nursing homes do provide around the clock care, the patient needs to leave their home and is generally away from loved ones. Studies show that these factors can lead to increased rates of depression and anxiety, as well as reduce the quality of life for the individual.

An in-home caregiver will remain at the patient’s home during the day or night, meaning that the care that is given is comparable to that of a nursing home. Caregivers can perform duties such as preparing meals, administering medication, socializing, but also other duties that nursing homes cannot do such as light homekeeping, transportation, and shopping. Such benefits are not possible at a nursing home due to the senior not being in their own home.

Additionally, the cost of an at-home caregiver can be much lower than that of an assisted living facility or nursing home.

Providing Care Yourself vs. At-Home Caregiving

Providing care by yourself is a virtuous act; however, depending on other factors and what your situation is, this can lead to burnout and may not be 100% sustainable every time. Depending on the care that is needed, you may also not have the proper training to effectively provide care for certain conditions or disabilities. Additionally, as time goes on, further changes in your loved one’s mental and physical status may require increased levels of care or additional assistance, especially during the nighttime.

Trying to manage this alone can leave you tired and affect the amount of sleep that both you and your loved one are receiving, which can further detriment health even more.

Even then, having an at-home caregiver doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stop providing care yourself altogether. Many people utilize the benefits of a private caregiver for certain days of the week while still providing care on their own on other days.

At Connecticut In-Home Assistance, we are more than happy to work with you and tailor a caregiving plan for your loved one that accommodates your unique situation and scheduling. We also offer 24-Hour Live-In Services as well. click here to learn more.

Our At-Home Care Services Include Reliable Assistance in Daily Tasks:



Mobility & repositioning if bed bound

Bathing & general hygiene

Bathroom assistance

Exercise & physical therapy

Feeding & meal preparation

Support and assistance for hobbies and any other activity where applicable

You May Need At-Home Caregiving If:

Your loved one requires temporary support around the clock

Not all caregiving is required to be permanent. Many people utilize an at-home caregiver temporarily due to certain situations, such as being out of town for a certain period of time. Extra care support may be required in the short-term for those who are recovering from recent medical surgeries, illnesses, or conditions that require round the clock supervision.

Your loved one is afflicted with a certain condition

At-home caregiving is often needed for individuals who have certain conditions or needs that require someone to be present at all times. Certain patients, such as those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, need constant supervision 24 hours a day, but may not necessarily need constant care and physical assistance. At-Home Caregivers are also very common with those diagnosed with Parkinson’s as they need mobility assistance, but may not need the higher level nursing requirements from an assisted living facility.

caregiver helping senior with chores

Your Loved one needs assistance with daily activities or functions

Certain examples include functions like eating, hygiene, mobility, and bathroom assistance. Our caregivers are specially trained in these tasks and can provide experienced hands-on care.

You need an extra hand with providing care yourself.

An at-home caregiver does not need to be there the full 7 days a week. Many people utilize the services of a private caregiver during certain days of the week where they have scheduling conflicts due to work and other personal matters. Our caregivers are dedicated to working with you and accommodating the needs and conflicts of your schedule.

Setting up At-Home Caregiving is quick and easy. Simply give us a call or contact us through our website to get started.

We Will Always Be There for You & Your Loved One

The last thing you want for your loved one is a high turnover rate on the number of people caring for them. The most important factor is to ensure that they are being attended to by a qualified, experienced, and caring person who is optimal in meeting the requirements for both, you and your loved one. This ensures that your loved one is being attended to by a person you can both trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with agencies for elderly home care are more beneficial than nursing homes since they allow the person in need to maintain a high level of independence while keeping them comfortable in their own surroundings. Nursing homes can expose the elderly to illnesses more easily due to the high volume of people entering and leaving the facility. The cost of in home senior care is also significantly more affordable than that of a nursing home.
In home senior care costs can vary, but here at Connecticut In Home Assistance we offer affordable services all year round with no weekend premiums. In home care services for seniors and the disabled start at $24 per hour to $245 for 24-hour for live-in care.
Assisted living is usually preferred over nursing homes for seniors and disabled individuals. It allows individuals to feel more comfortable and at ease being in the home they've lived in for some time. Home care assistance allows individuals to feel comfortable in their own homes while also being protected. Offering additional help, in home care services for seniors provide seniors with 24-hour or hourly senior care. Homemaker & companion services as well as Personal Care and transportation options are all provided for while keeping family members safe and happy.
Our rates for In home care services for seniors start at $24 per hour to $245 for 24-hour for live-in care. We offer a number of payments options including Private Pay, Long Term Care Insurance, Veterans Benefits, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, & additionally the Connecticut Home Care Program for Elders. Call us at (855) 412-2273 to learn more!
There are lots of ways to provide high quality, compassionate care to seniors at home. Here at Connecticut In Home Assistance, we're an agency who has been providing elderly home care for over 50 years. Some of the services we provide at Homemaker & Companion, Personal Care, 24-Hour & Hourly Live-In care and transportation services. We maintain affordable rates and never charge weekend premiums. Our caregivers are compassionate, patient, and highly qualified. (855) 412-2273 to find out more about our in home senior care services.
Home health aides can provide a variety of services from bathing to fall risk prevention and transportation to companion services that include patient & enjoyable one-on-one time with loved ones. Playing games, light housekeeping, and meal prep are just some of the many services offered by our caregivers. To view an extended list of services, click here.

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