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Connecticut In-Home Assistance LLC provides private in-home care for frail and disabled seniors who need help maintaining their independent lifestyle. Our attendants offer a number of senior care services tailored to specific groups of seniors. Whether a client needs simple companion services or full-time care depends on how mobile and self-sufficient they are. Read through our list of services carefully to determine which option suits your or your loved one’s lifestyle and health status.

Companion Services

Our companion services are designed for individuals with cognitive impairments or seniors who need a little extra supervision as they go about their daily routine. They also provide respite care to give a regular caregiver some much-needed time off. A companion in Trumbull, CT may provide any of the following services:

Medical Monitoring – The assistant’s first job is to watch for any signs of trouble. They may monitor diet and eating habits, watch for safety concerns, and remind the client to take any necessary medication.
Basic Needs – The companion can help the client with small household tasks such as organizing mail, taking care of plants, and arranging appointments.
Transportation – A companion may transport or escort an elderly person under their care to a doctor’s appointment, religious service, errand run, or social outing.
Companionship – Many seniors need emotional support as much as they need physical assistance. Simple fellowship can go a long way toward maintaining or restoring their mental and emotional wellbeing. Companions accompany clients throughout the day, converse with them, play games, and go out for walks.

Homemaking Services

Seniors who live at home value their independence. That being said, they may need a little help taking care of themselves and their homes. As we age, it becomes more difficult to carry out our normal tasks. The homemaker service is ideal for those who are largely self-sufficient, but who need basic assistance around the house. Our homemakers are able to:

• Prepare meals
• Go grocery shopping
• Do laundry
• Take garbage out
• Do light housework
• Run some errands

As with all of our assistants, homemakers are willing to accompany a senior when they go to a doctor’s appointment or run other errands in Trumbull, CT.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning a home or apartment can be exhausting, particularly for older people. Our cleaners help seniors maintain their home without overexerting themselves. They will:

• Vacuum
• Dust
• Clean bathrooms and kitchens
• Wash floors, walls, and ceilings
• Clean windows and curtains
• Deep clean carpets and upholstery
• Clean behind appliances and free up filters
• Declutter homes

Personal Care Services

Our personal care service is the most comprehensive in-home care option, designed for clients who are permanently disabled or unable to perform basic tasks. Our attendants will help clients:

• Bathe and dress
• Use the toilet
• Deal with incontinence problems
• Move around the house
• Prepare food and eat
• Take medications
• Apply lotion
• Complete physical therapy exercises

Assistants may also help with special needs and transportation.

Assisted Living – Trumbull, CT

Most seniors need a little help with their daily routine, but not all elderly people want to live in an assisted care facility. Private in-home senior care allows individuals to stay in their homes and maintain their independence without jeopardizing their mental or physical health.

At Connecticut In-Home Assistance LLC, we’re committed to helping clients live a full and healthy life as they age. Our well-trained assistants, comprised entirely of certified nurse’s aides and home health aides, are able to monitor, aid, and accompany seniors as they live out their golden years at home. Call us to learn how we can help you or a loved one.

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