Companion Care

Companion Care Services in Trumbull, CT

elderly-companion-care-trumbullYou want to be there as much as possible for your aging, senior parents. You do the best you can to take them shopping, make sure they get to doctors’ appointments, pay their bills on time, and help to maintain their home.

Yet, no matter how hard you try, there are just times you cannot be there. This is where Connecticut In-Home Assistance LLC’s companion care services in Trumbull, CT, can help you and your senior parents.

Available Companion Elderly Care Services

Our companion elderly care services are well-suited for seniors who need some extra supervision, have cognitive impairments, or just like having someone around to keep them company.

  • Basic Tasks: Our companions help their clients with basic tasks, such as sorting mail, making appointments, and paying bills. They can also help with watering plants, feeding pets, and other such tasks.
  • Medical Monitoring: The companion reminds the client to take their medications, eat their meals, addresses any safety concerns, and ensures they are getting the care and attention they require.
  • Basic Companionship: Some of our companions fulfill the basic companionship needs of our clients. They help them with arts and crafts projects, play games, visit and reminisce, and engage them in conversation.
  • Transportation Services: Our companion caregivers in Trumbull, CT, can provide transportation assistance to our clients when they want to get out of the house. We can take them to doctors’ appointments, to visit their friends, run errands, go to social gatherings, attend religious services, or to the local park for some fresh air.

Benefits of Using Companion Private In-Home Care

Connecticut In-Home Assistance LLC can provide the extra care and support your aging parents deserve. You have peace of mind knowing your parents are in capable hands. Your parents will enjoy having a friendly senior home care professional to provide companionship and someone to talk to when you are not around.

For families with single elderly loved ones, it can be difficult for them to be alone and not having regular social interactions with other people. They can become bored and lonely. They might lose interest in things that used to bring them happiness.

A companion can be exactly what they need to lift their spirts and delight them by being able to share their hobbies, have someone who will go with them to different places, or visit with them during meal times.

Why You Can Trust Connecticut In-Home Assistance LLC

All of our care professionals go well beyond expected duties. They develop strong friendships with their clients in a caring and nurturing manner. All of our clients look forward to their visits with their care professionals.

You and your parents are free to customize the type of companion services you require whether you need someone to fill in gaps in schedules or need someone full time. To learn more about our companion senior home care services in Trumbull, CT, please feel free to contact Connecticut In-Home Assistance LLC at 866-464-9035 to request a free onsite assessment today!

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