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Family Recipe Brings Back Elderly’s Appetite

Family Recipe Brings Back Elderly’s Appetite

The holidays are over, another year has passed and we are left with additional memories of family and friends.  I am reflecting on the joy I brought my parents this past holiday season and wanted to share the experience with you.

My 93 year old mother had surgery last year and since then her health has been declining.  Mom tells me her appetite is gone and my dad, who tries his best, is just not the cook my mom used to be.  Sometimes he just doesn’t know what to make any more.

This past Christmas Eve I brought supper over to my parent’s house.  I made our traditional Canadian recipe for meat pie called Toutiere along with a tomato based gelatin salad that my mother loves.  Added to that was a homemade potato salad and pecan pie for dessert.  The meal was a big hit.  I saw my mother eat with such a good appetite as the memory of familiar holiday flavors reminded her of past times with family and the food she longed to eat.

If you know an elderly person, making them a meal from one of their favorite recipes is a great way to help and possibly restore their waning appetite.  If your loved one has a caregiver, asking them to go through old recipes and bake or cook a meal will help pass the time of day especially on cold winter days.  If someone has dementia with their long term memory still intact, food they used to love will provide a pleasant experience for them.

At Connecticut In-Home Assistance our Homemaking and Personal Care service can go grocery shopping, prepare a meal and clean up afterwards.  Why not bring a smile to the one you love.

Article submitted by Diane Fekete, Director Community Relations at Connecticut In-Home Assistance.

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