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How In Home Care Helps You Help Your Loved One

How In Home Care Helps You Help Your Loved One

When you are the caretaker of an elderly or disabled loved one, it can be difficult to recognize the signs of when you need to ask for help. It can be even harder to find out where to turn. In home care, though, has many benefits for you, as well as your cherished loved one. Here are a few things to consider if you are ready to seek the life-changing help of in home assistance.

Elderly Grandpa and Grandson Smiling

Quality of life. When someone close to you is ill, the first priority is often how to create a positive quality of life for that person. What’s often overlooked, though, is the quality of life of the caretaker. An equally critical priority is to keep the person responsible for providing care from getting run down or sick. If your role of helper is keeping you from regular sleep, if it prevents you from fulfilling your other familial or work obligations, or, most likely, if it increases stress levels, it’s time to seek home care services.

With a variety of options, you can cater your in home assistance to address the most essential needs. Whether it is overnight nursing care or just a few hours a week to get errands done, Connecticut In Home Assistance can help.

Quality of care. Often, when a loved one falls ill, family and friends are all on deck, at first, but, once their loved one is settled at home, whether yours or theirs, the help starts to wane and only a small few are left to handle the majority of daily and weekly needs. Doctor’s appointments, trips to the pharmacy, grocery store runs, and home business—bills, cleaning, etc.—can be difficult to manage for extended periods of time. The work shouldn’t land all on your shoulders. It’s okay to seek help.

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Don’t forget that the type of care needed often changes, too. Maybe what started as help with chores and appointments has evolved into daily visits to make sure your loved one is eating enough food, or even more skilled medical care is required. If so, you have options to help you maintain the quality and quantity of home care.

Quality of time. When you’re caring for a disabled, ill or elderly loved one, everyday events can turn into big emotional stressors. Even when you want to be compassionate and caring, it can be difficult when you’re dealing with a patient who now has to rely on someone else for the most basic of needs. With a little outside assistance, your time together can be more pleasant and peaceful. You can focus on making memories and providing emotional support when you are supported, too.

If the time has come for you to ask for some help, consider Connecticut In Home Assistance to partner with you. Not only will our qualified and experienced staff treat your loved one with care and respect, they will also support you in the tremendous efforts of caring for them. Call 866-464-9035 for a free assessment today.