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Keep Track of Habits: How a Daily Journal Boosts the Care Your Loved one Receives

Keep Track of Habits: How a Daily Journal Boosts the Care Your Loved one Receives

If you have a loved one receiving in-home care in CT, providing a daily journal for all caregivers will help improve the care your loved one receives. With a daily journal, each caregiver can see what goes on from day to day. You will be able to review the journal and make changes to the schedule as necessary. Caregivers will be able to note any changes in behavior, mood changes, or even favorite activities that have recently been enjoyed, all in an effort to boost the care of your loved one.

Journals Provide a Continuity of Care

Individuals who receive home care services in CT, get better care when the care is consistent. With a daily journal in place, caregivers know where to start when it comes to gathering information about the upcoming day or recent history. If there are recent medication changes or new dietary restrictions, every caregiver will have the same information to work from when a daily journal is written.

Communication Can be Simple

The journal doesn’t have to be complicated. You can use it to track eating habits, activity level and appointments. If the day has been without incident, it can be enough for the caregiver to simply make this note. You can have important numbers listed on the cover of the daily journal, a medication schedule, and any other information that the caregiver may need to access right away.

You Can Review the Material Anytime

You won’t have the time to talk with every person providing care for a loved one, but you will have time once in awhile to read the daily journal. You will be able to review what is going on in your loved one’s life without having to talk to every single care provider. The journal can give you an intimate look into what is going on so that you can recommend any changes if necessary.

You Can Use the Journal for Two-Way Communication

Two-way communication is vital when it comes to your loved one receiving care in the home. When you want to share information with care providers, you can write a note in the daily journal. If you have questions that can wait to be answered, you can write these down. If you have a new cell phone number and you want caregivers to have it, this can easily be shared. Two-way communication will improve the care that your loved one receives.
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