Father’s Day
CT Care Service Plans Offer the Perfect Father’s Day Gift for Dad

CT Care Service Plans Offer the Perfect Father’s Day Gift for Dad

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s time to think about what to get your dad for the big day. Sure, you can always buy him a new tie or personalized coffee mug, but he probably has closets and cupboards full of both. Instead, why not get him something that will make his life a little easier, something he actually needs? What is this perfect gift we are talking about? One of Connecticut In-Home Assistance’s amazing in home care service plans, of course.

For the Socialite

Does your dad love having someone to talk to? Is he a big fan of chess or rummy? Our Companion Service is the perfect in home care option for your father. One of our highly personable staff members will come to your dad’s home and keep him company. Not only will they play any games desired and go for walks, they can also prepare snacks, monitor medications and diet restrictions, take care of house plants, and provide transportation and assistance to and from doctor’s appointments and basic day-to-day errands.

For the Organizer

Does your father thrive in a clean environment? Is he limited in how much housework he can do himself? We have the perfect gift for him: our Homemaker Service. This in home care option includes everything the Companion Service offers, but it goes a step further. Your dad will also enjoy having someone cook hearty, healthy meals for him, organize his closets, wash his clothes, and even take out the garbage. What more could your father want?

For the Spender

Whether it’s grocery shopping or a trip to the mall, if your dad loves spending money, our Shopping Service is ideal. Your father will enjoy having someone accompany him to his favorite shops as he peruses to his heart’s delight. If your dad is not exactly the shopping type, our certified shoppers can even take the trips solo on his behalf.

For the Physically Restricted

It’s no secret that your father isn’t getting any younger, and, unfortunately, with old age often comes the inability to dress, bathe, and eat alone. That’s where our Personal Care Assistance Service comes in. This comprehensive option offers a certified nurses aide or home health aide to help your dad with anything he needs. Of course, any homemaking or companion service tasks are included, as well as help completing any personal hygiene needed. From helping him shower to feeding him his meals, our nurses always use tact and professionalism to help make your father’s life easier.

At Connecticut In-Home Assistance, we understand that life just gets trickier as it goes on. We also know that you only want the best for your father. Whether you choose our hourly, full shift, or around-the-clock care options, your dad will be taken care of by an insured, bonded, and background-checked health expert that only has your dad’s best interest in mind. As a family-owned business with more than 50 years of experience in the home care industry, you can rest easy knowing the best is exactly what your dad will be getting.

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