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Tag Sales: Homemakers Can Help

Tag Sales: Homemakers Can Help

10 Reasons to Take Advantage of Tag Sale Season
You don’t have to pass up the opportunities of tag sale season. Instead of letting another tag sale season go by, hire a homemaker from Connecticut In-Home Assistance help with the sorting, pricing and day of sale activities. A Homemakers from Connecticut In-Home Assistance is like having an assistant on your side. Homemakers typically perform home management functions that may include cooking, cleaning, laundry, mending and other light household chores. This can be expanded to help you take advantage of tagsale season! A few reasons you should make this the year you take advantage of tag sale season:

  1. Reduce clutter. Having an assistant in your home go through and remove knickknacks, unused furniture and other clutter can make your home brighter and more welcoming. You will be surprised how much more relaxing your home is with excess items removed.
  2. Make it easier to move around in your home. Often, we accumulate furniture and other large items that we didn’t want but haven’t gotten rid of. By having help removing them, you make your home easier to navigate.
  3. Earn some extra money. Often, when a homemaker from Connecticut is helping us sort through old possessions, we’ll find valuables we no longer want. Sell them for cash to pay fun extras like an afternoon lunch with friends.
  4. Get a tax write-off. If you donate goods to a church or other charity tag sale, you can write off the value on your taxes. Generally, you can get forms from the organization that detail your donation and what it is worth as a deduction on your taxes.
  5. Benefit your church or another charity. Having in-home helpers bundle up goods to sell at a community tag sale is a great way to financially benefit organizations you believe in. It’s a great benefit to all involved: you get rid of excess items, your church earns funds and someone goes home with a new-to-her possession.
  6. Give once-loved objects a new life. It can feel great to see someone else take joy in possessions you’ve grown tired of.
  7. Help a younger family get established. Were your first furnishings tag sale finds? You can help young people acquire kitchen implements, furnishings and decor by having an in-home assistant prepare ones you no longer use anymore for sale.
  8. Update appliances. Have you thought about updated small appliances like single-serving coffee makers? Have the old one sold the old one at a tag sale to buy the new one without introducing clutter.
  9. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit. As we age, many of us go up and down a few clothing sizes. Spend an afternoon with an in-home assistant deciding what to keep and what can go. Anything that doesn’t fit wonderfully and flatteringly should be put in the tag sale pile.
  10. Get rid of things you don’t use. Often, we’ll have items in our closets that are still perfectly useful, but that we never use. Free up space and help someone out by passing this along to someone new at a private or church tag sale.

Don’t let another tag sale season go by without taking advantage of it. A homemaker from Connecticut In Home Assistance can help clear out clutter and pass your possessions onto someone new.

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