Senior Activities
Enjoy Simple Outings with Seniors

Enjoy Simple Outings with Seniors

As a loved one gets older, families often struggle to find activities that are suitably engaging for everyone. However, elderly activities do not need to be particularly complicated, time-consuming, or expensive. Time with family, opportunities for joyful conversation, and enjoying simple sights can be an important part of dementia care.

Follow these tips to ensure that your next outing is successful.

How to Choose Activities

When you are deciding which things to do with senior citizens, it is helpful to consider a person’s abilities and what they enjoy. People who are still quite mobile often need mild exercise to help maintain their health. If this is the case, a pleasurable walk through the park or a picnic can provide enough activity and the right amount of time spent out of the house.

For people with mobility concerns, a scenic drive might be a perfect choice. Driving to see the fall leaves change color or to visit a childhood home can bring up happy memories without creating physical stress. Families should schedule in plenty of time for breaks and make sure to bring medications and anything else they will need for the outing.

Fun Activities for Seniors in Connecticut

On days that you are looking for a bit more fun, you might be surprised by what our state has to offer. Things to do with elderly parents in Connecticut include:

  • Museums
  • Historic Sites
  • Arboretums and Gardens
  • Zoos and Nature Centers
  • Farmer’s Markets
  • Art Shows
  • Gourmet Food Tours

There are so many options available – you are sure to find one that people of all ages and abilities will appreciate.

Outings with Caregivers

Many families discover that they need a little extra help accommodating their elderly loved one, even on the simplest outings. Our companion care helps to make these experiences safer, more practical, and easier for everyone involved. Our caregiver activities can involve anything from playing card games in the backyard to going for a walk around the neighborhood or local park.

Spending time outside of the home is a joy that many seniors love to do as often as they can. Simple activities often return the greatest satisfaction for everyone involved. Before you embark on your next outing, consider enlisting the help of a certified caregiver from Connecticut In-Home Assistance.

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