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Beginner’s Guide to Homecare: Our Tips for You

Beginner’s Guide to Homecare: Our Tips for You

If you are looking at elderly care agencies and you aren’t sure what to do, it’s time to take a step back and consider what you need. A home care agency can provide you or a loved one with the care necessary to remain at home as long as possible. Choosing senior in-home care can be daunting, but here is some of the information you consider as you hire an in-home care provider.


Determine the Needs of the Person Needing Care

Identify what the individual needs for care to remain home safely. If shopping, cooking, basic cleaning and laundry are needed, a homemaker will be enough. If someone needs assistance with mobility, bathing, dressing or incontinence care, then a Personal Care Assistant will be required. Connecticut In-Home Assistance only employs trained individuals who are Certified Nurse’s Aides or Home Health Aides to provide this level of service. Determine what the needs are to figure out what type of help is necessary.


Work With an Agency or Hire Independently

When you work with a home care agency in CT, all training, screening, and locating staff is done for you. Additional benefits of working with an agency include the ability to provide you with the help you need quickly and having the ability to provide replacement caregivers if a caregiver were to call out sick.


Meet With Care Providers

To interview care providers, be honest with your expectations. If you are working with an agency, be clear about why you are looking for home care services. You can ask to interview a care provider from an agency to see if you will be a good fit. Ask about availability, comfort level with the tasks you need done and experience. When you are going to trust a care provider with the care of a loved one, you have the right to ask questions about their skills and experience. Talk with your loved one ahead of time about any concerns they may have.
In home care can make it possible for those who are no longer independent to remain at home long term. From basic housekeeping to 24-hour care in CT, home care providers are there to keep people in their homes longer. To learn more about homecare options throughout Connecticut, contact Connecticut In-Home Assistance at 866-464-9035and ask for a free assessment to get you started.
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