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Make Caregiver Meal Prep Easier with a Book of Favorite Recipes

Make Caregiver Meal Prep Easier with a Book of Favorite Recipes

There are as many different food preferences as there are people in the world – everyone has a favorite meal. As people get older, it can become more difficult to recall the details of even the simplest recipes. By creating a recipe book in advance, you can make caregiver meal prep that much easier and more enjoyable.

How to Make a Recipe Book

When creating a book of recipes for senior citizens, simplicity and accuracy are the goals. Anyone should be able to locate the book, find the recipe, and identify the common elements quickly. The first step is to have a family member go through their loved ones old or favorite recipe books and make a note of their favorite meals. Then, they can transcribe or photocopy the recipe into a book that contains the most important meals. If a person has adapted the ingredients to suit their dietary needs or preferences, families should list the modified version.

It can be tempting for family members to use handwritten or original printed recipes in a book, but these may not be as easy for others to read. Instead, aim to put the title in a large, clear, typeface at the top. Including pictures is also beneficial, as they help people with dementia choose the meal they are looking for.

Families can list notes for caregivers at the bottom of the page, such as:

  • • Favorite Birthday or Anniversary Meal
  • • Sunday Breakfast
  • • Holiday Dinner

These notes give caregivers the right context to help make an ideal selection.

Simplify the Shopping Experience

Preparing easy recipes for people with dementia often requires a trip to the grocery store. Caregivers can help with grocery shopping, but it’s important that they know what to buy. Families can make shopping easier by putting a list at the top or bottom of each recipe page with the ingredients needed, as well as the quantity. With this information, caregivers can quickly assemble a shopping list with all the necessary components.

Preparing elderly meals can be a simple task that provides any type of caregiver (family or not) with an easy reference point as to what the person wants and how they like it prepared. A book of recipes allows caregivers to cook meals that are sure to please.

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